From Cuban origin.

Has been dancing Salsa all his life. Has lived and taught Salsa in Spain, London, Munich, Belgium, and now in Luxembourg.

“Salsa is not just a dance, but a passion, a way of life.”

Whichever country he lives in, he always makes sure there is a Salsa Caliente Party in the neighbourhood.

“We are not strangers, just friends who haven’t yet met”


Originally from Spain.

Iria lives in Luxembourg since 2009 after having spent some years studying in the UK.

She works for an international e-commerce company and spends as much time outdoors as she can, running, hiking, and playing football.

She dances since she was 6 and has developed a special passion for Latin dances, particularly Puerto Rican salsa and Sensual bachata.

She promotes Latin dances wherever she goes, as she truly believes …..

“dancing is the easiest way to connect with people and generate that special energy that fuels our lives”.

She looks forward to dance with all of you!


Marion has developed her pedagogical skills, as a full-time Primary School Teacher in Trier (Germany), where she has also been teaching salsa in different locations since 2003.

She has a passion to inspire young minds and a commitment to ensuring that every child achieves their potential

She brings along her expertise and know-how to the salsa scene.

“Her energy, enthusiasm,  patience, dedication, and self-discipline are some of the qualities that make her such a great Salsa Teacher.”

Skilled Trainers

We always make sure that our Trainers have the best qualities so they can guide you on your new Salsa & Latin dance adventure, and help you achieve the best dance version of yourself.

Salsa - L.A. Style 96%
Salsa - Cuban Style 99%
Bachata 92%
Bachata Sensual 94%
Rumba 88%

Ready to Roll?

Take the jump, come and join us at the Origine Provence in Strassen for a night of salsa dancing, and lots of fun.