Costs and Prices

– A single payment of Euros 120/per 10 hours course (10 hours in 10 weeks) will have to be paid in full BEFORE being admitted to the course.

  • The Price listed above is the FINAL Price after VAT (Steuer/Impot)

  • This works out to 12Euros/per hour course (VAT included) .

  • There are no single 1 hour lessons being offered.

  • We believe that those interested in learning how to salsa will be prepared to invest at least 10 hours (1 hour per week for a duration of 10 weeks) in a single course.

  • There are no administration costs.

  • There are no yearly subscriptions.

  • In our courses, 1 hour lesson=60 minutes

  • When you register and pay for the Strassen Course, you can participate at the Strassen location (Origine Provence) on Wednesday evenings.

  • When you register and pay for the Sandweiler Course, you can participate at the Sandweiler location (TopSquash) on Friday evenings.

  • If you would like to participate on BOTH courses, you will need to register and pay for EACH course separately.

Why wait? Come and dance salsa with us in Luxembourg on Wednesday or Friday evenings.