Letzsalsa Dance School

"easy salsa"

Letzsalsa is an “Official” Latin Dance School established in Luxembourg in 2019.

At Letzsalsa dance school we believe in the concept of “easy salsa”. We teach dance moves, whether Salsa, or Bachata, which are ready to use on the dance floor with other dance partners who we might have never met before.

We are a passionate group of Salsa dance instructors, we take pride in teaching practical dance choreography and moves which are easy to lead, and to follow, but above all, we avoid over complicating salsa dancing.  After all, the end-game is to have fun and enjoy dancing with our partner.

This website has also multi-language functionality, which is offered in a “best efforts basis”, courtesy of Google. Feel free to peruse our website using your favorite language, and if something is not clear, please send us an email.

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